Houdini – Creating an Infection Effect Tutorial

[Instructor] Fabricio Chamon

Houdini - Creating an Infection Effect Tutorial

In this tutorial, Fabricio Chamon demonstrates how to create a fully controllable infection effect using the Solver SOP and VEX in Houdini.

Topics covered include:

  • Intro video
  • Defining starting points
  • Creating the solver (Solver SOP)
  • Solver VEX code (simple)
  • Painting a contamination threshold map
  • Improving the VEX code to use maps
  • Adding noise to the input map
  • Adding Blur and Edge Detection to the infected points
  • Adding another method for defining Initial grow
  • Utilizing texture maps as contamination multipliers
  • Adding speed controls
  • Creating the Digital Asset
  • Example uses for the tool


Download HIP File: patreon.com/fchamon

Download Intro Lion Model: bit.ly/2UT72Ix

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