Houdini – Kitbash Vein Growth Tutorial

[Instructor] Manuel Casasola Merkle

Houdini - Kitbash Vein Growth Tutorial

In this tutorial, Manuel Casasola Merkle will teach you how to create a procedural vein composed of small segments drawn by hand in Houdini.

Part 1:

  • Explaining the start file
  • Adding normals
  • Parallel transport
  • Visualizing the resulting vectors
  • Creating @orient
  • Combining segments
  • Looping the combination process
  • Meta information about the loop
  • Writing a HScript expression to generate random pieces to merge
  • Extending the setup by random rotation
  • Making the random rotation work with the iteration value

Part 2:

  • Selecting every 25th point
  • Cloning spheres to the vein
  • Preparing the splines from the library
  • Creating a random value
  • Creating random groups
  • Combining the random groups with the clone group
  • Cloning the branches
  • Creating sweep geometry
  • Fixing orient on the branches
  • Creating a pscale attribute
  • Fixing pscale
  • Growing the vein
  • The adjustPrimLength() function
  • Growing the branches

Download Project Files: entagma.com/kitbash-vein-growth/

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