Houdini – Electricity Generator Tutorial

[Instructor] Tim van Helsdingen

Houdini - Electricity Generator Tutorial

In this in-depth tutorial, Tim van Helsdingen will teach you how to build an electricity generator asset inside Houdini for creating customizable electricity effects.


  • Intro
  • Setting up controls adding lines
  • Adding speed controls
  • Shape splines to base geo
  • Remove by length
  • Creating the bulge
  • Creating width foreach prim
  • Adding noises
  • Creating branches
  • Split branches
  • Adding width and noises to branches
  • Spawning by attribute
  • Hiding parameters in custom interface
  • Adding thickness for rendering
  • Rendering
  • Splitting renders with takes
  • Comp stuff


Download HIP file: gumroad.com/l/houdinielectric

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