Houdini and Redshift – Corrosive Acid Sim Tutorial

[Instructor] Tim van Helsdingen

In this in-depth tutorial, we’ll create a corrosive acid sim inspired by the awesome erosion effect by Dave Stewart using Houdini & Redshift.


  1. Intro
  2. Explaining VDB masks
  3. Setting up FLIP sim + collider
  4. Creating the corrosion solver: Step 1
  5. Creating the corrosion solver: Step 2
  6. Caching to disk & meshing
  7. Creating the wet map solver
  8. Cleaning up
  9. Creating the steam using the smoke solver
  10. Redshift scene setup
  11. Corroded metal shader
  12. Render + material settings
  13. Using puzzle matte AOV for denoising in comp
  14. Setting up motion blur
  15. Rendering the steam
  16. Adding depth of field

Final Preview:


Download Project Files: gumroad.com/l/corrosiveacidtutorial

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