After Effects – Creating an Epic Sci-Fi Flamethrower Tutorial

[Instructor] Chris Connor

In this tutorial, Chris Connor will walk you through the process of creating an epic sci-fi flamethrower effect inside of Adobe After Effects.

The ultimate Sci-Fi Flamethrower VFX Project File showcased as bonus content at the “Repulsor Blaster VFX Pack”. It includes everything one will need to replicate and study the effect! From the visual assets to the footage recording and the sound effects this is the all inclusive Ae project file.

Repulsor Blaster VFX Pack Specs:

  • 2x Pulse Flame Simulations
  • 1x Cinematic Particles Simulations
  • 1x Footage Recording
  • 1x Ae Project File
  • 5x Sound Effects

Repulsor Flamethrower VFX Pack:

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