After Effects – Wind Tool


Wind is a brand new tool for After Effects that simulates the natural motion of a breeze blowing layers across the screen. The Wind tool creates a series of null-based rigs that control each active layer in your comp. Wind uses a unique algorithm to mimic a variety of turbulence effects in native AE 3D space.

Harness the power of nature in After Effects. Wind works with Text, Vectors, Video and Shape Layers in native AE 3D space. Easy to use and customize.


  • 17 Presets
  • In & Out Transitions
  • 10 Directions
  • Secondary Drift Controls
  • Dozens of Interpolation & Ease Type Options
  • Intuitive Sliders
  • Fade & Scale Transitions
  • Auto Orient to Camera Option
  • Use Text, Vector, Video, Shapes, jpeg, ai, psd.
  • Use any amount of layers (system dependant)
  • Fast build and restore
  • Manually select individual layers after the build
  • Global transform adjustments via master layer controls
  • Marker based timing controls
  • Works with AE2017 C4D renderer
  • Deactivate turbulence to simulate mechanical motion effects.
  • Effortless set up, just click and go.


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