Cinema 4D – Creating an Infinitely Blooming Alien Flower Tutorial

[Instructor] Daniel Danielsson

In this tutorial by Daniel Danielsson, we’ll explore how to create and animate a growing and infinitely blooming alien flower in Cinema 4D.

Final Preview:

Part 1: Infinite Blooming Flower

  • Creating the flower petals
  • Animating the flower petals
  • Cloning the petals into shape
  • Using time-offset to form the flower shape
  • Adding dynamics and thickness to the flower
  • Shading the flower
  • Looping the animation

Part 2: Growing Plant

  • Creating the main plant spline
  • Creating swirly growing vines
  • Creating growing leaves
  • Shading our plant
  • Creating and animating a flower bud
  • Somewhat adding dynamics to the plant for natural movement
  • Adding the flower

Part 3: Procedural Puddles (XPresso as a Shading Network)

  • Scouting the scene
  • Creating our ‘Wetmap’
  • XPresso set-up (XPresso for people who are slightly uncomfortable at the thought of Xpresso PT2 – The Re-XPressoening)
  • Darkening the diffuse
  • Adding water reflection
  • Fixing the bump map
  • Adding more water
  • Saving kittens from allergic reactions through the magic of the shading network
  • ‘Troubleshooting’ the shading network


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