After Effects – Creating Cel Shaded 3D Objects using the Cinema 4D Renderer Tutorial

[Instructor] EJ Hassenfratz

In this tutorial by EJ Hassenfratz, we’ll discover how to create cel shaded 3D objects using the new Cinema 4D Renderer in After Effects CC 2017.

Topics covered include:

  • Converting Illustrator files into Shape Layers
  • The difference between the old Raytraced 3D Renderer and Cinema 4D Renderer
  • Extruding Shape Layers
  • Using lights to add cel shading to extruded objects
  • Adding colors to specific parts of extruded objects (Front/Back/Side/Bevel)
  • Learn about optimizing the Cinema 4D Renderer render settings for optimal RAM preview playback
  • Creating an isometric style camera for flatter, more geometric compositions


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