An Interview with Payton Brown – Marketing Director

Dear readers and users, today we would like to bring to your attention an interview with the marketing director of one of the most popular 3D marketplaces3DExport – Payton Brown. In this interview, we’ll find out about the advantages of 3DExport and how you make money on selling your 3D models and textures.

Hello Payton, could you tell us about 3DExport? How was it founded?

Payton: Well, it was founded in 2004 as a part of project – a portal of 3D and 2D graphics. At the beginning of 2005, 3DExport started to gain steam and separated from the project and became an independent resource. At that time marketplace of 3D wasn’t so big that allowed 3DExport to establish itself as one of the leaders.

What makes 3DExport better than other 3D marketplaces?

Payton: We’re trying to improve our service everyday and care about our clients, so that they feel comfortable working with us. Definitely, one of the main advantages is our support 24/7 in three (Russian, English and Spanish) languages. We appreciate every customer and seller, always help to make out with our service, suggest how to organize the sale of models, offer help with solution of legal matters and provide fast and free 3D models conversation, money-back guarantee and much more. Besides, we offer convenient refund payment methods – PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney or bank transfer.

An Interview with Payton Brown 1

Do you target large studios or single freelancers?

Payton: We try to cooperate with both. There is a discount system on 3DExport – we give a discount if you buy more than 5 items from one check. Students and pupils also get discounts on 3D models. In addition, we often run competitions with cash prizes, where one can not only win a good sum of money, but also improve his skills in modeling.

Tell us how one can earn using 3DExport? What are the conditions for sellers?

Payton: Anyone can sign up and start selling products here. We monitor the quality of the goods, so it is strongly recommended first to read the terms of cooperation and preparation instructions for the models for sale. Sellers on 3DExport receive 60% from each product sold, with no limit on the number of sales or the amount of goods. Also, sellers can upload their products on other 3D marketplaces. Besides, we offer to become an exclusive seller, in this case, a seller receives from 60 to 70% from each sale. Another variant of earnings is to become a partner in our referral program. By placing our banners or links on a website, blog or social networks, a partner receives 15% from each sale, as there are no restrictions. Sellers can also use affiliate system to sell their models and get plus 15% to sales. You can find more information on the pages of our affiliate program.

An Interview with Payton Brown 2

How do you pay your sellers?

Payton: Every month from the 10th to the 15th, we send an accumulated amount (above $100) for the previous month with a payment method that a seller selected in his settings, it can be PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney or bank transfer. If the amount is less than $100 it will be retained. However, in a case if a seller, for whatever reason, needs to withdraw the amount that is less than $100, we are always ready to make concessions.

How much can 3d designer earn, say, a month?

Payton: Seller’s income depends on many factors such as the number of products in a profile, frequency of submission, quality of models, description and well-chosen keywords, more than that an attractive preview, a price, demand and, of course, a personal brand matter. Successful sellers have a big collection of models made in the same style and add several models each day in addition to promoting their models in the social networks. In response to your question, I think if a seller has 50-100 high quality models, taking into account the above mentioned factors, he may rely on income from $100 to $200 per month.

An Interview with Payton Brown 3

What are the most popular categories for 3D models?

Payton: You know, quality 3D models are sold from any category. There is a seasonal demand which is only for themed models. I suppose, the 10 most popular categories are still can be distinguished: 3D cars, 3D characters, 3D architecture, 3D aircraft, 3D furniture, 3D electronics, 3D animals, 3D military equipment, 3D medical and CG textures.

An Interview with Payton Brown 4

What is the level of competition among 3d stocks right now?

Payton: It’s very high. There are a lot of new websites that are opened and closed. Competition allows us to keep up with new trends; we are growing and actively access new markets and strengthen positions in existing ones. In the near future we plan to enter Asian market, namely Japan, China and Korea.

An Interview with Payton Brown 5

What advice would you give to beginner 3D designers who want to start making money on selling 3D models?

Payton: Try, try and not be afraid, if something goes wrong. Remember that all successful sellers who now earn thousands of dollars, once were beginners, but did not stop when they encountered first difficulties. One practical advice – always improve your skills, do not upload your very first model for sale. It is better to devote some time to study before you start selling. Follow other sellers: what they do, sell and how they promote their goods. And don’t forget to be creative!

Thanks Payton for the great interview!

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