Maya – Instance Along Curve Plugin

[Developed by] Mariano Merchante

Maya - Instance Along Curve Plugin 1

Maya - Instance Along Curve Plugin 2

Instance Along Curve is a Maya API Python plugin which simplifies the process of instancing various objects along a curve and is free to download.

The plugin essentially creates a new dependency graph node called instanceAlongCurveLocator, which handles all the necessary logic. It also includes a node creation command and an Attribute Editor template for a very familiar and user friendly interface.

Instance Along Curve plugin features include:

  • It’s a dependency graph node, so it works gracefully with the Maya environment.
  • Instance an object by count or by distance between instances.
  • Various rotation modes, including chain mode.
  • Curve distance offset, useful for tank treads.
  • Customize the instances transformation by ramps evaluated in curve parameter space.
  • Customize the ramps’ offset with keys or expressions for animations.
  • Customize how instances look in viewport.
  • Randomize instances transformations.
  • Portable.
  • User friendly, highly flexible.


Download Instance Along Curve Plugin:

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