11 Small Advancements in Cinema 4D R17

[Instructor] Orestis Konstantinidis

11 Small Advancements in Cinema 4D R17

In this video, Orestis Konstantinidis gives you a quick overview of 11 of his favorite small advancements done by Maxon in Cinema 4D R17.

The features covered in this video include:

  1. Trackball navigation
  2. Metaball improvements
  3. Motion paths performance
  4. Display color shader
  5. Edge angle limit for sculpting
  6. Dopesheet real-time feedback
  7. F-Curves Zoom to Cursor
  8. Surface Distance for sculpting
  9. Edge points for Mesh Checking
  10. Takes & Render Settings HUD
  11. Naming tool for Materials, Tags, Layers and Takes

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