After Effects – Creating Fantastic Cartoon Explosions Tutorial


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After Effects - Creating Fantastic Cartoon Explosions Tutorial

In this tutorial, Adrian demonstrates a couple of clever techniques to create some fantastic looking cartoon explosions using After Effects.

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  • Seems like a nice tutorial, except where it suddenly says, add Trapcode Particular. Trapcode Particular, I said to myself, I don’t think I have that. So I did a search and found that for $399, Trapcode Particular could belong to me, too! Next!, I said.

  • In spite of the cost, I went ahead and bought the plugin. Now I’m finding my comp is matching yours exactly. When I set the particle texture to Sprite, and then Particle texture set to the fire comp layer, start at birth play once, where your explosion now shows many, many instances of the sphere, mine just shows the actual number in the fire comp. Further, when I set the orient to motion to “on”, your sphere lighting orients to the center of the explosion, mine doesn’t change at all. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks!

  • Actually, just realized I needed to up the size of my particles, and I had to turn off the display of the fire comp containing the custom particles as it was covering up the particle system.

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