Cinema 4D – ICE Machine Rig

[Developed by] Daniel Couto

Cinema 4D - ICE Machine Rig

Cinema 4D - ICE Machine Samples

ICE Machine consists of 3 Cinema 4D rigs that create ice cubes, ice shards and will add ice and icicles to any object and has over 1200 base variations.

Ice CUBE Machine

  • 10 Materials
  • 10 Displacement Contours
  • 100 Base Variations out of the box!
  • Cool HUD Thumbnails that update to show you which material and contour you currently have selected!
  • Bubbles
  • unfiltered water ‘Ice Spokes’ effect
  • Cube and PSR parameters can be reset with the click of a switch
  • Bakeable!
  • Create ice cubes in seconds!

Ice SHARD Machine

  • All the features of Ice CUBE Machine but with 10 different shards!
  • 1000 base shard variations out of the box!


  • Add ice effects including icicles to logos and other objects!
  • Bakeable so you can sculpt your ice!


Purchase Ice Machine ($45):

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