The Foundry Releases NUKE 8

[Source] The Foundry

The Foundry Releases NUKE 8

The Foundry has released NUKE 8, the new version of its award winning node-based compositor with lot of exciting new features and updates.

Alongside the NUKE 8 release, HIERO 1.8 is also available today, bringing a wide range of user driven new features and improvements to HIERO and HIEROPLAYER. These will include new Quicktime colour handling controls, a wide range of enhancements to optimise playback, new audio level controls, the ability to use custom readers and a whole host of additional improvements and fixes. This update really enhances the NUKE / HIERO workflow offering.

NUKE 8 key features include:

  • In-viewer text compose, edit and animate
  • Powerful timeline viewing
  • Artist-friendly color controls
  • Enhanced viewer rendering results
  • Intelligent in-application help
  • Advanced 3D controls
  • Powerful Deep Compositing
  • Speed and performance enhancements
  • Planar Rendering Framework
  • Python Import NUKE
  • Blink Script node

New features exclusively for NUKEX

  • Advanced color matching
  • The next generation of Camera Tracking
  • Powerful Model Building
  • Particle simulation caching


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