Maxon Announces Cinema 4D R15

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Cinema 4D R15

Maxon has announced Cinema 4D R15, that redefines the 3D motion graphics, visual effects, painting and rendering software workflow. The Cinema 4D R15 is packed with lot of new features such as all-new beveling for modeling efficiency, interactive kerning for advanced 3D typographic control, and Team Render allowing for convenient rendering across networks directly within the Cinema 4D interface.

Cinema 4D R15 key features include:

Rendering Enhancements – Cinema 4D R15 is packed with rendering improvements to achieve faster, higher-quality imagery. The new Team Render delivers quick control over an entire network to take advantage of all surplus processing power – either manually or automatically via Bonjour.

Modeling Enhancements – The new interactive beveling provides improved manipulation and control over object edges and curves for adding depth and dimension to designs and ensure that resulting meshes are clean and flow correctly.

Improved Typographic Tools – Cinema 4D R15 continues to elevate the design experience delivering significant typographic, text editing and control capabilities via MoText and Text Splines directly in the 3D view.

Dynamic Sculpting – The improved dynamic sculpting tools in Cinema 4D R15 ensure artists can sculpt with finesse and retopologize with ease. You can use the powerful sculpt tools directly on polygonal objects, mirror sculpt strokes and project a new mesh onto your sculpted objects.

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