3ds Max – Map Transfer Tool

[Developed by] Eloi Andaluz

3ds Max - Map Transfer Tool

Map Transfer is a tool for 3ds Max and Thinking Particles to animate fast and easy multiple objects or faces using grayscale procedural maps or bitmap files.

Map Transfer features include:

  • Transform objects using grayscale information (position, rotation and scale, world and local transformations)
  • Use any procedural map or grayscale texture.
  • Works with animated bitmaps.
  • Animate objects or polygons.
  • Use uv-s from the object to be animated or use uv-s from external object.
  • Select how particles take uv-s information from external object (Local and Global axis searching).
  • Diferent ways to create animation: Animate procedural map, from video, animate Map transfer parameters or animate the external object.


Download Map Transfer: andvfx.com/map-transfer/

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