RealFlow 2013 Released

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RealFlow 2013

Next Limit has released RealFlow 2013, the latest version of their fluid dynamics simulation software with exciting new features and improvements. These changes affect the stability, memory efficiency, user-friendliness and speed.

RealFlow 2013 new features include:

Hybrido 2:

  • New base solver for incredible detail.
  • New Splash and Foam emitters handled quickly.

RealFlow Graphs:

  • New, visual node-based method to set up links between scene elements.
  • Create RealFlow Simulation Graphs wherever and whenever during the simulation so you can create/modify/extract data from scene elements.

Alembic File Format:

  • RealFlow 2013 provides an implementation of the Alembic format as well and now data exchange is easier and more accurate than ever before.

GPU-based Simulations:

  • Hybrido 2 also supports OpenCL GPU-based simulation – even in collaboration with your computer’s CPU(s).

Maxwell Render Integration:

  • Preview your simulation renders in the background with Maxwell Render quality.
  • Photorealistc Maxwell Render materials provided.

Improved Fracturing Tool:

  • Faster fractures with more controllability.


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