Cinema 4D – Creating Flawless Infinite Studio Tutorial

[Instructor] Antonio Braga
[Level] Intermediate

In this tutorial, you’ll learn the technique of creating a studio setup with flawless infinite background in Cinema 4D.

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  • Very useful! Thank you!
    You use softbox in project file, but Cinema told me some textures are missing. Can you add the textures for softbox to archive with the project please?

  • Noooooo! 🙂 Right at the most critical moment, he says “click compositing background” and then unclick “that”, and it works!????

    What is “that” button that is referred to as “that”?

    The camera box is covering up the options, so I can’t see what was clicked. aaaghhh….been messing with it for awhile.

    Thanks though. Great tutorial, other than that missing, super-critical piece. 🙂

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