Making of Procedural ICE Deep Sea Creature

[Created by] Vladimir Jankijevic

This video demonstrates the process of creating and animating a procedural deep sea like creature in Softimage.

The main areas of development include:

  • Custom forces which drive the procedural motion, creating the soft and skin like appearance of the body.
  • Tools for the definition of different behaviors contained in the same system of simulation.
  • Tools for abstraction and interpolation of different geometric contexts for optimized performance and artistic workflow.
  • Mechanisms for the transport of arbitrary attributes throughout the architecture for later use as reference systems or information for the rendering.
  • A system for animated procedural texture synthesis decoupled from the geometric topology for a seamless coverage of the whole body.

As the whole system depends only on a few input parameters, it’s very easy to make topological and behavioral changes very fast. Because the Lagoa simulation itself is done only on the point set derived from the Delaunay triangulated base geometry, the process of developing the right movement can be highly iterative as the simulation times are very low.
The actual thick mesh is generated through a marching cube algorithm (Polygonizer) but could be replaced by any arbitrarily derived mesh loosely fitting the initial shape of the point set.

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