Softimage – Procedural Bridge Tutorial

[Instructor] Christian Gotzinger
[Level] Advanced

This tutorial will show how to build a Procedural Bridge in Softimage ICE from scratch and will cover the modeling and the rigging process in detail. This tutorial is based on Houdini bridge tutorial that can be watched for free on 3DBuzz.

Part 1: In this first part we start the process of making the Procedural Bridge.

Part 2: In this second part we leave the cubes behind and build a cable compound from scratch which we will use in the 3rd Part to make lots of cables for the bridge.

Part 3: In this third part we will spend some time and clean up the ICE tree. Group it into sub compounds and decrease the number of spaghetti connections.

Part 4: In this fourth part we finally get to finish the Procedural Bridge.

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