Gnomon Training DVD: Character Rigging – Production Practices and Techniques

[Source] The Gnomon Workshop

The Gnomon Workshop has released Character Rigging: Production Practices and Techniques, a new rigging training DVD by Axel Stanley-Grossman, Senior Character TD at Insomniac Games.

In this set of lectures, Axel will effectively demystify the “art” of character rigging as well as provide a production-like set of scripted tools to work with.

Using the provided scripted tools, Axel demonstrates the benefits of a multi-pose approach to skeleton setup. The separation of deformation and control hierarchies is also used and in conjunction with the pose system, provides the flexibility to easily go back to the bind pose and make changes.

Once the joints are all properly mapped, he then moves on to creating the control rig for the character. The next phase involves setting up controls like stretchy IK for the spine, IK and FK with blending for arms and legs, and foot/reverse foot controls. Once the controls are created, Axel wraps things up by generating curve controls for the animators to quickly grab and work with.

List of Chapters:

  • Model Cleanup and Preparation
  • Mapping the Joints – Part 1 “The Basics”
  • Mapping the Joints – Part 2 “Joint Orient”
  • Mapping the Joints – Part 3 “The Spine”
  • Mapping the Joints – Part 4 “Arms and Neck”
  • The Control Rig – Part 1 “Rig Pose Setup”
  • The Control Rig – Part 2 “Fine Tuning”
  • The Control Rig – Part 3 “Leg FK/IK Controls”
  • The Control Rig – Part 4 “Adding Foot Controls”
  • The Control Rig – Part 5 “Arm FK/IK Controls”
  • The Control Rig – Part 6 “Arm Pole Vector”
  • The Spine – Part 1 “Spine and Chest Controls”
  • The Spine – Part 2 “IK Setup”
  • The Spine – Part 3 “Stretchy IK”
  • The Spine – Part 3 “FK Layering”
  • Hands – Part 1 “Mapping the Joints of the Hand”
  • Hands – Part 2 “Creating Controls”
  • Hands – Part 3 “Hand IK Setup”
  • Control Curves – Part 1 “Creation and Shape Parenting”
  • Control Curves – Part 2 “Animation Controls Setup 1”
  • Control Curves – Part 3 “Animation Controls Setup 2”
  • Rig Cleanup – Part 1 “Rotation Orders and Space”
  • Rig Cleanup – Part 2 “Final Tweaks and Locking Down the Rig”

The Character Rigging – Production Practices and Techniques is available for $79 as DVD or Digital Download.

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