Blender 2.62 Released

[Source] BlenderNation

The Blender Foundation has announced the release of Blender 2.62 with lot of new features and enhancements. The Cycles render engine now has layers/passes, you can track objects inside videos now, have much better and faster boolean intersections and use great new UV Tools.

Blender 2.62 new features include:

  • UV Tools – New UV editing tools like an advanced interactive stitch tool, to align and join together UV islands.
  • Cycles Render Engine – New features added like render layers and passes, multi GPU rendering and selection of GPU device, improved sampling for complex environment maps, border rendering, BVH caching, and new shading nodes for color correction and a checkerboard texture node.
  • Remesh Modifier – The Remesh modifier is a tool for generating new mesh topology based on an input surface. The output follows the surface curvature of the input, but its topology is a uniform distribution of quads. It can generate smoothed output or tag sharp features to better capture corners.
  • Boolean Modifier – The boolean modifier now uses the Carve library, which should give much improved results.
  • Game Engine – The game engine user interface was polished, editing text objects in the user interface and through the python API has been made easier, full screen and anti-aliased rendering has been improved, along with various other changes.
  • Motion Tracker – Object tracking support has been added, so that not only camera animation can be reconstructed from footage, but also the animation or transformation of objects in the scene. This comes along with many improvements to the tracking user interface and tools.
  • Collada – A Second Life compatibility option was added for exporting armatures, along with a number of other fixes related to transformations and armatures.
  • Python – Matrices and vectors math classes were improved in various ways. Column-major access was changed to more standard row-major access and easier access for rows, columns, translation was added. Vectors now can have arbitrary size, and matrices are now pretty printed in the console.

Download Blender 2.62:

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