Holomatix Releases SprayTrace for Maya

[Source] SprayTrace

SprayTrace provides an instant preview of a Maya mental ray scene: providing real-time feedback on shaders, textures, lighting and camera adjustments.

The SprayTrace preview is faithful to the final mental ray render, but at a preview quality. It’s very easy to use with no settings, just one button to launch. SprayTrace uses CPU only, so no special graphics cards are required either. It’s the essential new plugin for Maya mental ray artists working on Windows OS.

When using SprayTrace all settings come directly from your Maya scene and the mental ray render settings. So there is nothing to set-up and nothing new to learn.

An amazing feature of SprayTrace is that when shaders are adjusted in Maya, only the pixels affected by that shader change are updated in SprayTrace. This makes it even faster. You can have a whole scene that has developed to a high quality in the SprayTrace preview window, and if you make a small change, then it’s amazing that the whole render doesn’t need to start again. This is a unique and innovative feature for SprayTrace and is a first for progressive renderers.

Pricing and Availability: SprayTrace is available immediately for £199. SprayTrace is for Windows 64-bit editions only. Compatible with Autodesk Maya versions 8.5, 2008 to 2012. A purchase of SprayTrace will license the software on one computer only.

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