GPU Hardware Rendering with 3ds Max Quicksilver

[Source] AREA
[Instructor] Gary M. Davis

GPU-Accelerated Rendering within Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 software is no longer limited to the iray Rendering Engine. In this Lecture, Gary M. Davis will explore the numerous options now available with the 3ds Max Quicksilver Hardware Renderer.
Demonstration includes how to produce near-realistic renders as well as use the new stylized rendering options for non-photorealistic pipelines. Workflow tips and tricks are shared, including free scripts and the use of 3ds Max Composite to further sweeten your finished renders.

The Topics covered in the Lecture include:

  • Intro and verifying hardware compatibility (0:0:00)
  • Similarities & differences to iray (starts at 0:5:52)
  • GPU Monitors (0:31:00)
  • Wicked-easy setups (0:35:32)
  • The main QS Interface (0:44:45)
  • NPR & Stylized Rendering (0:53:01)
  • Render Elements (1:00:48)
  • Custom AO, Contour and Direct Lighting/Shadow Passes (1:14:07)
  • Autodesk Composite (1:20:32)
  • Nitrous Texture limiting (1:25:54)


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