Orange Noël Commercial

[Source] Akama Studio

Akama Studio, a leading 3D Animation and VFX Company has just released his last Commercial for Orange, a French Telecommunication Provider.

The shooting was done in Belgium under the Direction of Gary Freedman (The Glue Society) and with Frederick Elmes as Director of Photography. Akama Studio worked on the CG Characters : Design, Modeling, Texturing, Shading, Animation, Lighting and Compositing.
3D was made with 3ds Max and V-Ray as Render Engine, Compositing with After Effects.

Director: Gary Freedman (The Glue Society)
Production: Wanda
Agency: Publicis

Post-Production: Akama Studio
Production Manager: Emilie Nicodex
VFX Supervisor: Cki Vang
Modeling: Jerome Desvignes, Nicolas Duthatco, Dorian Marchesin, Cki Vang
Mapping/Shading: Jerome Desvignes, Nicolas Duthatco, Dorian Marchesin, Cki Vang
Setup: Guillaume Marcel, Thomas Arnould, Arnaud De Mullenheim
Animation: Thomas Arnould, Adeline Grange, Jeanne Gueye-Irzenski, Guillaume Marques, Helder Pereira, Thibault Pluvinage, Arnaud De Mullenheim, Marc Beaujeau Weppenaar
Matte-Painting: Cki Vang
Lighting/Compositing: Francois Côme, Florian Jugon, Dorian Marchesin, Jean-Yves Teillet, Cki Vang

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