Andersson Technologies LLC Ships SynthEyes 2011.1

[Source] Andersson Technologies LLC

Andersson Technologies LLC has released SynthEyes 2011.1, with features like Lens Grid Analysis and Scene Placement Tool.

SynthEyes 2011.1 new Featuress include:

  • Following a new lens calibration process, users film a short clip of a lens calibration grid. Tools in SynthEyes 2011.1 parse and track that grid, then analyze the information to produce a sophisticated lens preset that undistorts even fisheye lenses such as the popular GoPro HD.
  • A placement tool simplifies coordinate system setup, positioning the solved scene automatically after examining the structure of the scene. Like the rest of SynthEyes, the artist remains in control and can guide this tool, or easily modify its results to their taste.
  • Improvements for symmetric and spot supervised trackers make their use easier and more accurate.
  • Updated exporters include Blender 2.57 support, full-feature native Cinema 4D export, native After Effects Javascript export, Lightwave object/object+scene export, and Modo 501. These updates include the ability to export the textures produced by SynthEyes’s texture extraction/clean plate subsystem.
  • A small sub-application allows the 64-bit Windows version to transparently read QuickTime files and use 32-bit codecs (a similar capability is built into OS X).
  • Enterprise users can use a remote-control interface to connect to their in-house workflow automation systems, including products such as Shotgun.

Pricing and Availability: The pro 64-bit version is only 599 USD and the entry-level but fully-featured 32-bit version is an amazing value at 399 USD. SynthEyes is available now for Windows and OS X. SynthEyes also runs on, and is in production use on, Linux systems using WINE.

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