Kickstand Released StretchMesh for Maya Open Source

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Kickstand Released StretchMesh for Maya Open Source

Kickstand has launched a campaign to support the release of the StretchMesh source code, by making the source code available to the community, StretchMesh will continue to evolve and improve. Beyond continued development of the Maya plugin, we would love to see StretchMesh ported to 3ds Max, Softimage, and other platforms.

StretchMesh is a Plugin for Autodesk Maya which gives geometry an inherently stretchy characteristic. As geometry is deformed using native Maya deformers or other plugins, StretchMesh gives the geometry a built-in stretchy quality by preserving the relationship between vertices.

StretchMesh key features include:

  • Skinning killer
  • Character contact
  • All-in-one deformation solution
  • Production ready
  • Feature quality results
  • Versatile
  • Attractors
  • Intuitive deformations
  • Multi-threaded performance
  • Fast primitive collision objects
  • Curve attractors
  • Robust collision control
  • Workflow improvements

StretchMesh for Maya open source:

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