nDo2 Released

[Source] Quixel

Quixel has released nDo2, a Photoshop tool to unleash all limitations of normal mapping, with lot of new features and enhancements. nDo2 utilizes sculpting, hard surface and photo based normal mapping techniques in full synergy.

Sculpt using your custom brushes, create volumes from selections, paths or layers, apply filters, generate complexly multifaceted normal maps from height or photographs, rotate and transform without biasing normal, generate color maps and height . nDo is designed to cover many of your normal mapping needs in a to-the-point format.

nDo2: Release Trailer

nDo2 License and Pricing:

  • nDo2 Commercial License ($200) – The Commercial License offers the complete experience of nDo2. It grants generous volume discounts up to 33%, and allows for unrestricted commercial use.
  • nDo2 Freelancer License ($99) – The Freelancer License is designed for the independent contractor. It is fully featured and allows using the product for profit through freelancing only.
  • nDo2 Academic License ($59) – The Academic License is a fully featured, heavily price reduced version of nDo2 allowing non-commercial use for schools and individual students.
  • nDo2 Non-Commercial License ($69) – The Non-commercial License is a fully featured version of nDo2, and allows for non-profit use only. It is perfect for portfolio work, personal projects or mods.

Get your copy today @ http://quixel.se/store/

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