Chaos Group Releases Phoenix FD 2.0

[Source] Chaos Group

Chaos Group has announced the release of Phoenix FD 2.0, a new and significantly improved version of Chaos Group’s grid-based simulator.

Phoenix FD 2.0 now comes with liquids, foam and splashes simulator and particle shader as well as improved GPU preview.

Phoenix FD 2.0 for 3ds Max key features include:

  • Foam and Splashes Particle Shader – Phoenix FD 2.0 comes with a brand new shader for particles. It allows the user to have full control when shading foam an splashes particles generated by the new core.
  • Simulation of Foam and Splashes – With the new and improved simulation core, Phoenix FD is capable of generating particles where foam or splashes would usually appear in a simulation. This extraordinary new technology allows the user to further increase the realism of liquid simulations.
  • GPU Preview Improvements – The GPU preview fully supports lighting and diffuse color shading. Additionally, the renderings can be automatically saved as PNG files. This simple upgrade will allow users to quickly preview their simulation results without wasting time rendering them on the CPU.
  • Render Particles as Smoke – New and improved shading methods allow the rendering of small tightly packed particles as a volumetric smoke. This simple yet powerful solution allows the user to add plenty of detail to their simulations without sacrificing render times.
  • Particle Export – The simulation core has been further improved to be able to efficiently trace particles. This allows the user to add even finer detail to all types of simulations without the need to increase the simulation resolution.

Availability and Pricing: Phoenix FD 2.0 is available immediately. The official suggested end user price of a single new license of Phoenix FD 2.0 is: 960 USD/ 700 EUR/ 600 GBP
The official suggested end user upgrade price to Phoenix FD 2.0 is: 350USD/ 250 EUR/ 210 GBP

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