Golaem Ships Golaem Crowd 1.3

[Source] Golaem

Golaem has started shipping Golaem Crowd 1.3 with new features and improvements and a new pricing structure that will suit any size VFX studio.

Based on a unique behavior concept, Golaem Crowd enables artists to easily setup a scene without any programming, just by creating a small number of behaviors and configuring when they start and stop.

Available behaviors include playing and blending/mixing motions, reaching a target in the scene, avoiding each other. Golaem Crowd 1.3 comes with 2 new behaviors:

IK Behavior: Adds a kinematic constraint on a body chain (arms, legs) in order to adapt a motion to a given situation (e.g. point at at target or touch a target )
Look At Behavior: Drives eyes, head and upper body to the wanted direction (e.g. where the ball is, when modeling a soccer stadium).

A lot of improvements have been made to Golaem Crowd 1.3 in order to make user’s life easier, especially concerning the export/render step.

Golaem Crowd 1.3 is currently available at the price of 3 499€ (or 4 799$) per floating node. With small and medium studios in mind, Golaem also offers fixed term licenses.

More information: golaem.com/content/products/golaem-crowd/

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