Photosculpt Textures v2 Software is Out

[Source] Photosculpt

Photosculpt Textures v2 is an amazing release and is a lot more faster, more precise, more productive than its predecessor.

Photosculpt Textures is a new innovative software that creates photorealistic 3D objects or 3D textures from two photos.

Photosculpt Textures v2 new features include:

  1. About twice faster sculpting
  2. Fully multi-threaded
  3. Perspective corrected 3D models
  4. Invisible seamless tiling of 3D textures (beta *)
  5. 2 lasso crop tools
  6. 2 batch tools to process all photos in a directory in one command (beta *)
  7. .PLY export a sculpt-ready color 3D format
  8. Better photo matching editor for less optimal shooting conditions (beta *)
  9. EXIF autorotate of photos (only available for compliant cameras)
  10. Self calibration that uses EXIF focal length (only available for compliant cameras)
  11. 20 new command line options (interfacing with Photoshop, 3ds Max …)
  12. 100% Aero interface
  13. A prototype mode that uses 3 photos instead of 2 (alpha *)
  14. Plenty of other enhancements (Standalone installer, bug fixes, reduced memory consumption, faster interface, faster boot time, faster 2D-3D switching)

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