Blender Dynamic Topology Sculpting Demo

[Developed by] Nicholas Bishop

Quick demonstration of adaptive topology sculpting based off the paper “Freestyle: Sculpting Meshes with Self-Adaptive Topology” by Lucian Stãnculescua, Raphaëlle Chainea, and Marie-Paule Canic.

The dynamic topology tool allows sculpt mode to change the topology of the mesh as you sculpt. It operates on triangles, so you have to convert quads to triangles before using it. The mesh is updated as you sculpt (during the stroke, not just at the end of a stroke.) The tool places restrictions on the lengths of triangle edges to ensure that the topology stays “nice” for sculpting (no long skinny triangles.) The triangle density is constant across the mesh; there’s no way currently to make the tool give more triangles in a particular area.

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