Solid Iris Technologies Released Thea Render v1.1

[Source] Thea Render

Solid Iris Technologies has released Thea Render v1.1, codename “Chameleon”, a physically-based unbiased and biased render engine.

Thea Render v1.1 key features include:

  • Render times are now decreased between 25% and 50%.
  • Construction of the environment (during initialization) is now multi-threaded. This means faster render start-up and a more fluid interactive render.
  • There is a reduced memory footprint now – estimated between 10-20%, that makes it possible to render even heavier scenes.
  • The improvement is even more pronounced for heavily instanced scenes (with speed ups between 2x and 5x).
  • Integration with Motiva Colimo that makes possible to generate “infinite” variations from a single render.

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