Exocortex Released Momentum 3.0

[Source] Exocortex

Exocortex Technologies and Helge Mathee are pleased to announce that Exocortex Momentum 3.0, the latest iteration of the ultimate high speed multiphysics simulator, is now immediately available for Autodesk Softimage 2010, 2011 and 2012 for both Windows and Linux.

Momentum 3.0 adds massive new features in the area of fracturing, simulation control, quality rendering and workflow. Exocortex Momentum 3.0 relies on the industrial strength bullet physics framework, provides robust support for rigid bodies, soft bodies, cloth, ropes, constraints, interactions and attachments.

Exocortex Momentum 3.0 adds support for shattering. Interactive, high performance, as well as collision based runtime destruction is now in reach. Proper procedural normals as well as UVs are also supported.

Floating and node locked licenses are available starting at $499 and upgrade pricing is available for existing Momentum 2 customers.

Momentum 3.0 Release Trailer:

Momentum 3.0 Features Preview:

More information and complete list of features: exocortex.com/products/momentum

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