Golaem Announces Golaem Crowd 1.2, supporting V-Ray Rendering

[Source] Golaem

Golaem has announced Golaem Crowd 1.2, the latest update to its powerful crowd simulation software for Autodesk Maya.

Golaem Crowd 1.2 key features include:

  • V-Ray Rendering Engine: Golaem Crowd 1.2 now support Chaos Group’s V-Ray rendering engine by generating .vrscene files for the characters and providing a dedicated procedural plugin.
  • Disney Partio: In order to support industry standards and improve performances, Golaem Crowd is now using Disney Partio as its particle format.
  • Waypoint Navigation: Golaem Crowd characters can now navigate by using a route, defined as a list of waypoints points. You have the control back, while still getting the benefits of automatic path-finding and avoidance.

More information and purchase: golaem.com

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