Maya – UV Mapping for Beginners Tutorial

[Instructor] Matt Barron
[Level] Beginner

This tutorial will introduce new users to the process of UV mapping in Maya. You’ll learn how to cut and re-attach UV shells, and then export a UV snapshot for use in Photoshop.

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  • Nice tutorial! I wish you u could post tutorials of uv mapping for more complex models specifically character models. And again thank you for this great tutorial!

  • I’m glad I found this tutorial! I do agree and wish you could show one a little more complex like you mentioned in the end but still thank you!

  • Thanks for the tutorial. To be honest, I was irritated by all the “okay”s you say…but your help is appreciated.

  • I couldn’t get past 2 minutes of your tut because of your constantly going “M’kay” Though you may know what you are doing with the program, you clearly have no idea how to teach people, because you will irritate people with mmmkay every 2 seconds, causing them to instantly become disinterested and completely ignoring any valid thing you have to say.

    I re-watched it with the volume off, and It’s not bad.

    Suggestion for future tutorials. Don’t use mm’kay Ever again. Write down what you’re going to say, before you say. Do not add in words that do not need to be in the tutorial, and do not use awkward fillers like ok, mmkay, now follow me, or some lame comment because you are not confident.

    That being said, your tutorial was decent.

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