Evermotion’s NOX 0.3.39 Renderer Open Beta Plugin Released

[Source] Evermotion

NOX Renderer is a stand-alone application that renders images from 3D geometry. The rendering engine is based on unbiased methods.

Light behavior is based on laws of physics, however some simplifications occur. In current version only Metropolis Light Transport algorithm is used for Global Illumination evaluation. Application works with all CPUs that support SSE2 (e.g. Pentium 4 or Athlon 64 and further). Multicore is supported in most crucial operations. Application was compiled for 32- and 64-bit (also known as x86 and x64) architectures and works under MS Windows family systems.

Currently application is released as early public beta version, so many important features are still being developed.

More info and download: evermotion.org/nox/index

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