ZBrush – Mk2 Fragmentation Grenade Tutorial

[Source] BadKing
[Level] Beginner

This tutorial demonstrates the process of creating the classic WWII Mk2 fragmentation grenade in ZBrush 4.

PART 1 – In this part we utilize a number of techniques such as masking and extracting that have been covered in earlier tutorials. We look at transpose lines and how they can be used to move and sculpt a model as well as introducing the clip brush. We also demonstrate how to shape a parametric model such a helix into a useable Polymesh.

PART 2 – In this part we will look at various ways to approach painting and texturing models in ZBrush 4. It will show several different approaches and examine both their advantages, disadvantages and ways to overcome them.

We will also look at the noise function found under the surface drop-down menu and explore the various brushes used for detailing. We will examine possible issues with color fill object settings before moving onto ZBrush 4’s new Spotlight feature.

PART 3- In this part we will look at my personal preferences in regards to painting and detailing the grenade as well as unveiling ZBrush 4’s BPR (Best Preview Render) function, allowing us to truly obtain a realistic composite within Photoshop.

While in Photoshop we’ll explore layering BPR files such as shadows and ambient occlusion to give our model a truly real world feel, as well as introducing our depth layer to create a realistic lens blur effect for our final composite.

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