Sculptris Alpha 6 Announced

[Source] Pixologic

Pixologic, the makers of ZBrush has announced the release of Sculptris, an elegant, powerful and yet easy to use 3D sculpting software.

Sculptris remains one of the most fun, natural-feeling and easy to use 3D modeling and painting programs anywhere. Working with it feels like sculpting real-world clay. You don’t need to worry about polygon structure, edge flows, or even polygon counts. Simply add volume where you need it and sculpt details where you want them. Sculptris automatically divides the mesh as you sculpt and only where needed for the details that you are sculpting. Wherever possible, its sculpting tools mimic real-world sculpting, making the software incredibly intuitive.

Sculptris is also great for texture painting, assigning UV’s automatically (although you can also use your own) and then allowing you to paint on the texture map in 3D and in real-time.

Sculptris Alpha 6 new features include:

  • ZBrush-style Navigation: No need to learn all new hotkeys and navigation commands in order to work with both programs.
  • GoZ: Send your models back and forth between ZBrush and Sculptris with a single button click.
  • Mac Support: Sculptris is no longer only for PC users.

More info and download:

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