MARI 1.3 is Now Available

[Source] The Foundry

MARI 1.3 is loaded with great new features to help keep your painting creative whilst helping with workflow and pipeline pain.

New features in Mari 1.3 include:

Ptex – Ptex allows you to paint and render models without having to spend time creating complicated UV maps – hooray! It gives the artist complete freedom providing access to texture resolution where and when they need it. In MARI each model face can have textures of up to 8k pixels square – a canvas that will never run out.

Displacement Preview – Accurately previewing displacement on a model surface is essential to paint accurately and efficiently. Without an immediate view of how a sculpted surface detail will change final appearance, artists are working blind and relying on time consuming static render-outs for review and approval.

Snapshots – Snapshots provide a focused and efficient texture versioning system providing unprecedented flexibility for artists to play with new ideas and to deal with change and variation. Change requests become instant and fluid; no more waiting for files to copy or risk of overwriting the wrong ones and loosing the best work.

Environment Mapping – Environment maps allow artists to preview shiny, reflective surfaces and to review the final appearance of their textures whilst painting. Environment maps also help to visualize subtle surface changes and highlight subtle details guiding the artist in creative decisions and final work approval.

Tiled Textures – MARI’s live tiled texture system brings quick and easy coverage of large surfaces without compromising control. Multiple tiling textures can be combined with masks and remain editable and tweakable right up to the last minute making change quick and simple.

MARI 1.3 is available on Linux and Windows and is priced at US$1,980/ UKP 1,200.

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